Slo-Pitch Ontario
Slo-Pitch Ontario Association (known as “SPO”) was formed in November of 1982 in an effort to create more awareness of the sport of slo-pitch and to better communicate with its participants throughout Ontario. In 1992, SPO became a member of Softball Ontario and affiliated with Softball Canada, the officially recognized slo-pitch/softball organizations. Slo-Pitch Ontario has one of the largest provincial memberships in Canada. Slo-pitch softball is one of the fastest growing adult team sports in North America. Over 2.5 million Canadians play this recreational grassroots game each season.
League Email addresses
To receive info about
possible field cancellations at
Barrie Sports Complex,
705-739-4215 (option 3)
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Park Closure
Absolutely no warm ups are allowed between the diamonds at the complex. Warm up on empty diamond, or beyond light posts,
as per posted signs.
**NOTE - only bats with
the USSSA "thumbprint"
are allowed for use in
ALL divisions!
Bat Rule
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Scores/ results are to be emailed within 24 hours! Click here to submit score (or use Email Results link above). Failure to report score in time MAY result in forfeit and/ or fine to your team.
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Slo-Pitch Ontario (SPO)
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Early starts...
We are going to implement a new rule for 6.30 games only. If teams have 8 or 9 players to start the 6.30 game only they can list extra players in batting order and those players are available to play and bat when they arrive at game up to the end of the 5th inning or 7.00 pm which ever occurs first.There will be no automatic outs in the vacant spots. This is only applicable in the 6.30 game. Short handed rule as stated in League rules will be in effect for all other games times.If players arrive after 5th inning or 7.00 pm they can play but must be entered as a substitute. Coed must still have a minimum of 4 females to start the game.
As well, I still need to get rules updated on website as there have been some updates and changes and I will let you know when they are posted on website.

Remember, that while we all have that competitive fire inside us, this is still a recreational sport and we want
everyone to play safe and have fun.
Have a great season!
Missing scores (past due!)

Mon. Sept. 24 - Jayden Homes vs Pineapple Express

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Playoff Champs...2018
DIVISION 2B - Scrappers
DIVISION 3A - The Lugnuts
CO-ED A - Pro Fit
CO-ED B - The Independents
CO-ED C - Renegades
The "Home" and "Away" signs at Complex dugouts are for youth baseball only! Teams are free to pick any bench available...
Smoking is NOT permitted at the Complex! Please abide by this bylaw...
2018 Summer Slam champs!
Men's D
Co Ed E